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Feng Shui Tips For Selling Your Home

Provided by Diane Alba Means of Hawaii Feng Shui


Feng Shui, pronounced “fung shway”, is based on the belief that vital energy, called chi, is flowing everywhere. The ancient Chinese art of placement can improve the harmonious flow of energy in any home.

Start on the outside of the entrance. Is it inviting and is the walkway clear? Is it easy to find the entrance and is the landscaping maintained and healthy looking?

Use landscaping, such as hedges, trees or fences, to help deflect fast moving energy flowing toward the house created by a fast moving road, cul-de-sac lot or living at the end of a “t” junction.

Use plants as greeters on either aside of the front door. Red flowers and lighting create positive chi (energy).

Create a welcoming first impression inside the front door. Use artwork that draws you into the home, or perhaps a bubbling fountain or aquarium (be sure the water from a fountain is flowing into the home or 360 degrees).

Depersonalize and declutter the entire home. The kitchen, closets and garage are especially important. Make sure that artwork depicts something positive in nature.

Unblock all hallways and staircases to allow the chi to circulate in all the rooms. (Use a round faceted crystal if there are sluggish areas or in a long corridor where the chi may be flowing too quickly).

Enhance vital energy with live plants, lighting, mirrors and water features. Remove dried plants as they represent dead energy. Silk plants should be cleaned and fresh looking.

It is very important to clean all windows, doorknobs and walls. Create a beautiful view for the most important windows.

Check for sharp corners or walls that jut out. They could act as a “poison arrow” pointing at people as they enter a room. Soften any of these “arrows” with plants draped over the corners, or lighting to fill in corners.

If you would like a full work up on the Feng Shui of your home please call Diane Alba Means,
Feng Shui Practitioner,at 808-242-1397 or visit her website at www.hawaiifengshui.com

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