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West Java 25th May – 3rd June 2016

We were blessed with good friends Buzz and his trusty friends from Hawaii. We were also blessed with pumping swell and good winds for the island. All the waves turned on with magic everywhere !! Everyone pushed thier own boundaries and as always the Panaitan law of good vibes in and out of the water ruled.

We we lucky enough to share some waves with one of Indonesia’s most talented surfers and all round nice guy sir Bol and his friend Nat who got soooo barrelled there bones were shaking. As well we were honored with Panaitan Hellman Timmy Turner who showed the lads how to do it when the going got tough thanks Timmy ya legend. We even saved 5 French guys who had to spend one night on the island after the Indo fishing boat they rented snapped in half and they lost everything.

Most of all I would like to thank my new my friends who we all shared the island and great company: Doctor Mark, Apoc Mark, Barry, Lissie, Jimmy, and of course the worlds number one switch footer sir Buzz.

The pleasure was all mine
Thanks so much

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